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About Our Programs

The Cornell Tradition, the Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholars, and the Meinig Family Cornell National Scholars recognize, reward, and encourage further development of a select group of students who exemplify Cornell's commitment to academic excellence, work and service, research and discovery, and leadership and learning, and in so doing, enrich their experience at Cornell and beyond.

The Cornell Tradition

Through The Cornell Tradition, students can make meaningful contributions to campus and community life that enhance their own education as well as the education of future generations. At the same time, these students reduce the level of debt they incur while obtaining a Cornell degree. See the site...

Meinig Family Cornell National Scholars

In 1944 the Cornell University trustees sought a way to encourage the growth of responsible, intelligent, and caring leaders. They knew that if given the opportunity, bright, motivated individuals could use Cornell's resources to become leaders across the nation and around the world. Out of this effort, the trustees created the Cornell National Scholars program. Affirming its success and its integral place within the university identity, Peter Meinig and Nancy Schlegel Meinig '62 endowed the Cornell Meinig Family Cornell National Scholars (MFCNS) show extraordinary potential for development as leaders at Cornell, and as alumni they invariably are active contributors to their communities. They come from across the United States and represent all seven undergraduate colleges. As Cornellians, students gain the tools they need to become leaders in a changing world. As National Scholars, they gain the skills necessary to wield them. See the site...

Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholars

Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholars An anonymous gift to the university created the HRRIIICPRS program in 1996. HRRIIICPRS provides undergraduates demonstrating superior academic potential and intellectual curiosity significant research support over four years. Open to all students, across all academic disciplines, in all seven undergraduate colleges, HRRIIICPRS enables its students to collaborate with faculty mentors of their choosing in designing and planning an individualized program of research-a degree of collaboration usually unheard of in the undergraduate experience. Magnifying the power of this dynamic student-faculty partnership, HRRIIICPRS provides each scholar with a generous $8,000 research support account (RSA) and an annual need-based loan replacement of up to $4,000. See the site...

The Janet McKinley Family Grant

The Janet McKinley '74 Family Grant is open to all Cornell sophomores for the purpose of assisting students in pursuing interesting, provocative, and entrepreneurial summer projects, with the intent of having a direct and lasting impact on many generations of Cornell students. The stipend for the summer experience will cover related costs up to $5,000. See the site...

Internship and Summer Savings Replacement Grant Program

The Cornell Commitment is pleased to make funds available, on a limited basis, for Commitment students to particpate in a non-profit and/or career-related summer internship. The goal is to allow students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience without increasing their total indebtedness due to insufficient or non-existent summer earnings. See applicable Commitment program page for details.